Mt. Ramah Primitive Baptist Church

Mt. Ramah Primitive Baptist Church is among the oldest churches of the Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Association. It is believed to have been founded by Elder Wash Daniels or one of the Daniels Brothers. This is reasonable noting that there was a barge, which crossed the Alabama River leading from Lowndes County to Autauga County, where Mt. Ramah is located.

On October 12, 1918, the 43rd Annual Session of the Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Association was held at Mt. Ramah under the leadership of Elder Wash Daniels, who served as pastor until his death in 1922.

It is believed that leaders of the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church played an integral role in funding Mt. Ramah understanding that both churches are geographically close only separated by the Alabama River; the churches have much in common. Elder Wash Daniels also pastored Bethel as well as Mt. Ramah. Elder S. M. Gardner pastored Mt. Ramah from 1922 to 1943 and pastored Bethel during much of the same period.

In 1943, Elder A. F. Walker was elected pastor of Mt. Ramah and served until 1955. Elder Walker also served as moderator of the Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Association from 1950 to 1955.

The relationship between Mt. Ramah and Bethel continued in 1955 when Elder J. S. Johnson was elected as Mt. Ramah’s pastor. Elder Johnson served in a wood frame building until 1969 when a block church was built beside the wood frame. Elder Johnson could be described as a modern day “Moses” as it relates to his leadership at Mt. Ramah. In 1980, construction began on Mt. Ramah at 832 Jenson Road, Prattville, Alabama. Mt. Ramah relocated to its present location on April 8, 1981, where Elder J. S. Johnson served faithfully until his death on January 31, 1987.

On October 22, 1988, Elder John W. Johnson became pastor and served until April 22, 1990. Although the church is presently without a pastor, it is by no means without hope. It remains a loyal and steadfast member of the Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Association.

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